Glass Coating

At Corey’s Detailing we want to bring the best service right to your home or office. We now offer Glass Coating which will leave the brightest shine while giving your car the ultimate protection against anything nature has to offer.


What is Glass Coating:

  • Glass Coating produces a clear, hard, smooth and mirror like finish to protect your vehicle longer than wax
  • Provides lasting protection up to 3 years
  • Can be applied more often to give maximum protection

What is included:

  • Pretreat with degreaser to remove all wax residue
  • Hand wash and dry exterior
  • Remove light bugs & tar
  • Clean & Dress Tires/Rims
  • Clean Outside Glass
  • Apply Glass Coating to all painted and metal surfaces

Pricing for exterior detail with glass coating application:

  • Motorcycles – $140
  • Cars – $160
  • Trucks/SUVs – $180

Add complete interior cleaning:

Cars – $70

Trucks/SUVs – $80

*- Scratch and heavy oxidation removal if necessary will incur extra charge. By estimate only.

Call now to get the ultimate protection for your vehicle. 407-719-3503